25 very simple habits that will improve your life today

Jan 28, 2023 | Healthcare, Self-Improvement | 0 comments |

We talk a lot about habits and self-improvement. Sometimes it involves a huge, lifestyle-changing effort. But sometimes it involves making tiny changes, or doing very simple things that can have an outsized and positive effect on your day.

Lets try …

  1. Pick up a piece of garbage that you didn’t leave;
  2. Forgive somebody for something they didn’t even know they did
  3. Count to five before answering the next question someone asks you. If it helps, say “let me think” before answering;
  4. Do something you think someone should thank you for, even if they don’t actually thank you;
  5. Ask someone for a book, music, or show recommendation;
  6. Make a list of books to read;
  7. Think of two people you can introduce to each other. Then offer to do it;
  8. Accept an apology you were owed but were never given;
  9. Clean out the bag you use to commute if you use public transportation;
  10. Get rid of socks that don’t have a mate;
  11. Throw out or recycle one thing you don’t use each day;
  12. Look up the lyrics to a song that you like so you can sing along next time;
  13. Watch something funny;
  14. Say, “I’m sorry but I can’t do that” when asked to do something you really don’t want to do;
  15. Look for an opportunity to say “you’re welcome”;
  16. Write down things you accomplished but hadn’t planned to;
  17. Tell someone they said something that changed your life;
  18. Plant a tree. Or really anything that will be green eventually;
  19. Exercise with friends;
  20. Practice what you’ll say the next time you don’t know how to keep a conversation going;
  21. Ask for a small favor from someone. (Research shows people appreciate being asked);
  22. Pay someone an unexpected compliment;
  23. If you’re meeting someone first thing in the morning, bring coffee for both of you;
  24. Look for chances to say “thank you”;
  25. Plan something fun for the weekend.Keep the list handy for those moments when you don’t know what to do next. And help me come up with No. 26 in the comments…

Have a great weekend


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