Acute back pain
Most cases of acute back pain can be treated using self-help techniques:

  • Sitting Good posture;
  • Back pain supplements;
  • Driving Good posture;
  • Compression packs;
  • Remember, your spine likes movement. Try and change position every 20 – 30 minutes!
  • There is no right or wrong position for sleeping. When lying down you should aim to keep the spinal curves in alignment.

Exercises:It is important to remain as physically active as possible. While bed rest may provide some temporary relief from your symptoms, prolonged bed rest will make your symptoms worse.

Recommended exercises for back pain include walking and gentle stretching. Your back pain may be so severe that you need to have some time off work. However, if this is the case, you should aim to return to work as soon as possible. While you may not feel any immediate benefit, research has shown the people who continue to work during an episode of back pain recover more quickly than people who stay at home.
REMEMBER! Most back pain DOES get better, it just takes a little time. The more you put the advice into practice, the better recovery you should make.

Physiotherapy will be a great help with people with acute pain.
Tecartherapy, Acupuncture, Graston technique seems to have effectiveness in the treatment of the musculoskeletal disorders.

Medical studies demonstrate that tecar therapy may be a good adjunct therapy in a physiotherapy treatment and that it ́s incorporation into a conventional rehabilitation program or it ́s isolated use may have advantages in the short and long term effects.

Following are some exercises to get you going. If you find that any of these exercises increase your pain then STOP doing them immediately. If they help, try and do them twice a day.

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Acute back pain

Acupunture Treatment

Tecar Treatment

Physiotherapy and Exercises for Acute Back Pain

Exercises for Acute Back Pain


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