Free Assessment at Happyback Clinic

Free Physiotherapy Assesment for Musculoskeletal Issues

Good morning and happy Boxing Day. Thursday 28/12/23 and 11/01/24 we are giving Free assessments of physiotherapy at Happyback clinic. (Me and one of my colleagues: Tseten from Nepal).
We are a friendly chartered physiotherapists team and we would like to provide a wide range of services to get you get better sooner.
We would place high priority on understanding your personal situation and focus on offering an accurate assessment and diagnosis of your condition.
Should our team feel that you will benefit from physiotherapy or from seeing an expert consultant we will be able to supply information and advice.
The free 30-minute assessments are limited on spaces and will be given on a first come first served basis.
*Please provide the reason for wanting the assessment i.e. knee pain, backpain, shoulder pain, neck pain …
Have a lovely Boxing Day
If you would like further information you can contact me by phone or Whatsapp 07455250006 or by email
Free Physiotherapy Assessment at Happyback Clinic

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We offer acupuncture as part of our physiotherapy treatment

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Beneficial effects of Tecartherapy

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