The new Tecartherapy machine will arrive soon.
Why I love to work with this new generation machines?
Because Tecartherapy is a form of combined contact diathermy and electrotherapy.
It is a medical practice that applies electromagnetic energy to biological tissue. Patients feel comfortable and with less pain after one treatment. Tecartherapy are mostly used in physical therapy, rehabilitation and pain management:

* We can also use Tecartherapy aesthetic applications.
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Tr-Therapy: scientific support tecar therapy in the treatment of acute and chronic pathologies in sports
The Effectiveness of Tecar Therapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders
Effects of capacitive and resistive electric transfer therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial.


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Tecartherapy and manual therapy

Tecartherapy and manual therapy

Tecartherapy is an ideal tool to add into manual therapy sessions. The Tecar deliver warmth at depth within the tissues, encouraging healing and reducing pain, inflammation and swelling. Capable of penetrating through all tissue types, from soft tissue to bone..Most...

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Beneficial effects of Tecartherapy

Beneficial effects of Tecartherapy

Tecartherapy has shown beneficial effects on both healthy and symptomatic tissues. The increase in temperature was predominant in all tissues, with greater warming at depth than at the surface. In the treatment of symptomatic tissues, Tecartherapy showed a reduction...

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