Imjuries Adductor Muscles

Groin Strain

The adductor muscles are most commonly injured while people are playing sports or being active. Typically people will feel a sudden pain after a certain movement.
As with most injuries, it is important to stop the activity and then rest ice, and provide compression if needed.

Your physiotherapist will help determine the extent of the injury and the best treatment plan. Initially, treatment will focus on optimizing tissue health and repair, minimise swelling, and improving flexibility/movement.

As with most muscles, small-grade tears can take 2-4 weeks to recover from and return to sport while bigger or repeated tears can take a lot longer. Occasionally the adductor tendon can also be injured or irritated which is a more significant injury and will definitely require physiotherapy treatment.


After the initial phase of physiotherapy, your physiotherapist will still work to keep the muscle happy but also address any other areas that may have compensated as a result of the injury. Throughout treatment, a thorough rehab program should also be undertaken to optimize recovery and return to sport/activity.

If you think you have an adductor/groin strain make sure to ask for help, especially if your symptoms are not improving with rest.

Adductor muscles injuried while playng sports

Groin strain


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